Sharing – Walking Through the Day with a Pain Warrior by Suzanne over at Tears of Truth

*This post is a heartbreakingly beautiful post about what a day is like in the life of someone dealing with chronic pain.

Below is a sample…please click the link at the bottom for the complete post.


This is not just a story about me, but a story that many pain warriors live through on a daily basis. I know because I talk to many of them often. Much of this is “our story”. …..I awaken each day; the first thing that I do is cry inside of my head. My body lay still too long. Four hours is too long! I feel pain and don’t want to get up, or move because I know it will hurt. I’m so tired of the pain. I lay there and contemplate rising to my feet. I hear my husband call my name. He always says “Hello my Love, Good Morning! Time to rise and shine!” He tells our Kitty, Luna, to come and get me. She always listens to him and she enters our bedroom and meows for me to get on my feet. Still lying there, I think about the day ahead and wonder if it will be a busy day? Will it be one in which I have to do a few things? Or will it be a day that I can be a bit quiet?

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Pain Free – Truth or Myth

I’ve been asked quite a few times lately by both family, friends and medical personal…”but, you’re not expecting to be pain free?”. 

It’s happened often enough that I’ve found my mind drifting back to that question. If pain is relative then wouldn’t the idea of being pain free be relative too?

Every time I’m asked I respond the same….”Of course not!”, because it’s clear in their tone that if I were to say yes in any way it would mean I was a hopeless case. 

But, I have to admit that there is a part of me that wants that. Do I expect it….not exactly. Mostly because I have no idea where my story is going. So, you manage expectations….do I expect to be pain free? In my mind…no, never, as I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, do I want to be pain free? Of course! 

Since no one can be in my body and give me a second opinion on my pain level, how am I supposed to know what is “enough” pain to be in.

Have you experienced this or something like it? 

What were/are your thoughts? 

I’d really appreciate some feedback from all of you as this is a subject that my brain just keeps batting around. I’ve got too many thoughts in there to begin with and I can’t even juggle 🤹‍♀️.

P.S. I am in the process of writing a blog series on my experience to date with Medical Marijuana (Cannabis). There will be a Q&A at the end of the series, so save up your questions or feel free to send them to me now.

Bad Luck Life

There have been some dark times lately…Okay, some very dark times lately. 

I keep thinking, why does it seem like there are people who nothing goes right or easy for? Things never arrive on time for us. They never come when we need them. Our cars get a flat tire while we are lost and have no idea how to get home. Our packages get run over by a car and come to us with stuff missing and all jacked up. 

When our rides didn’t come as kids we’d have to walk home., the rain. Our family members end up in the hospital more than anyone else. We end up in the hospital more than anyone else. We’re the ones that get the cold only one other person in the office has and it turns into strep. We get the illnesses that no one else can see…the ones that create stigma to overcome not just pain.

It’s like “bad luck” got tattooed on our foreheads when were born.

Sorry for the depressing post. But, I’m trying to actually post things…especially when I write them somewhere else and think to myself “this would make a good blog post”. 

Thank you everyone for all the love and support. It means the world to me. 


Still Here – Still Fighting

Hello all you wonderful loyal followers!

I know I’ve been missing for a very long time. I’ve found myself in darkness for a while now. I’ve wanted to post so many times, but every time I started a post I just stares at that blinking line…daring me to write something….and my mind would go blank. 

I knew I didn’t want to write post after post of the same thing over and over…so…I just didn’t post anything.

I do have some posts planned that I think I should be able to write no problem. You can also look for more art and poetry. 

But, I am here and this blog has helped me in ways I’m not willing to give up on. So I’m staying here. I can’t say for certain when you’ll see my next post. But I plan on making it as soon as possible.

~ Kahlan

Send Some Love and Support…

My very good friend and fellow blogger Tracy over at Me, My Spoons & I is having a really hard time right now…click the picture below to read about it in her own words…

I’m asking the blogging community to head on over to her blog and give her some love and suppport! After all, that’s what this amazing community is all about! I’m certain that any of you who read her post will find some part of it you can connect to.

So, if you can, take a moment and help someone in a real and tangible way. After all, we don’t get a chance to that every day.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and respond!! You’re all the best! 


A very good friend of mine and fellow chronic illness blogger, Tracy aka SpoonieMom of Me, My Spoons & I, has just recently opened an Etsy shop!

Called The Spoonique Boutique; she is offering a selection of handmade bath and beauty products, such as bath bombs, body lotions, lip balm, scented candles and more, as well as some really beautiful “spoonie” jewelry. 

Now is the perfect time to order gifts for the Holidays! And you will be supporting a fellow chronic illness sufferer.  

She is in the process of updating and expanding her product line so right now her entire shop is on sale! See the post below for details…

*Click the above logo to be taken directly to her Etsy Shop. 

Originally Posted on Me, My Spoons & I

Etsy Sale!

Most of you probably already know this, but last month I started my Etsy shop in an effort to help contribute financially in my home after reaching the point of being too unwell to work (and somehow too “healthy” to qualify for disability). 

Today I’m just spreading the word that I’m currently hosting a sale at my shop in an effort to clear out my current inventory and make room for more. So if you’re interested in helping a quasi disabled spoonie out (lol) just stop on by and look around. Spread the word if you feel up to it. 

The terms of the sale are simple. All currently in stock items can be purchased for 50% off with a minimum purchase of $30 or more. Simply use the coupon code SPOONIE50 at checkout! Scented lip balm can be added onto your order for $1 to receive 2 random lip balms from my current selection. And as a way to say thank you, if you place an order you’ll also receive another discount toward your next purchase from the shop! 

*Please note that not all fragrances are in stock. If you select a fragrance and its stock runs out before your order is processed, I will contact you regarding substitutions. Thank you! 😊💕

To Be Thankful….

For all of you out there, no matter where you find yourself or with whom you are surrounded this day, may you find yourself filled will love and gratitude and some dam good food.

Much Love,

    ~ Kahlan 


Dear Followers and Readers,

Thank You! 

I know I’ve been MIA for quite awhile. Know that I’m here and have quite a list of posts I want to work on! Things have been rather chaotic on the home front, however, and I’ve found it difficult to get the words to paper (so to speak).

Seeing all of you continuing to read and follow my blog gives me joy during this difficult time. I assure you that my blog is far from the “abandoned” place it may seem at first glance.

So here’s a huge thank you to all of you. Especially today, to each and every 100 of you who chose to hit that “follow” button. You came here and decided that my little blog deserved a place in your inbox.

Here’s to you!

Much love and many spoons,


Sharing – We Don’t Have A Opioid Epidemic – We Have A Chronic Pain & Illness Epidemic – HELP US don’t HURT US! 

* I really love this post. This is such a difficult topic and is really on the minds of a lot of the world right now. It’s a great post and real look at opiates and chronic pain. Below is a small excerpt with a link at the bottom to the full article.

We Don’t Have A Opioid Epidemic – We Have A Chronic Pain & Illness Epidemic – HELP US don’t HURT US!

PUBLISHED ON September 25, 2016

I’ve been rewriting this blog over and over again, and to be blunt there is no other way to write it, but to get straight to the point – so here I go.
Living with intense and constant chronic pain and illnesses are challenging, to say the least but it’s a way of life every day for myself and millions of people all around the world. Being ill in this way is living with the unknown. Every day is different, and it’s really hard to plan when you have no idea how you will feel when you wake up or actually not knowing whether you will feel ok to live the life that you dream about and love and so it is so very hard not to feel anxious, depressed or even completely lost living with one huge question mark hanging over your life’s existence.There are a million and more constant questions and often no answers. 
So to be clear nobody really knows how to deal with chronic pain and illness, and that includes us as the people who have them, the loved ones that surround us and even the doctors trying to treat us. There is no guidebook for chronically lifelong illnesses and no way to answer all the questions that I have previously mentioned before, because every journey is so personal and there are so many illnesses categorised and labeled this way. So you see, when you have these types of illnesses your body is literally fighting against itself. The physical side of it is all throughout your body – you are living in daily pain, fatigue, with aches, food intolerances, medications along with hospital trips, surgeries, treatments, etc. It is, at times, too much to bear leaving us physically, mentally and emotionally devastated. 

Read the full post here

Recipe – For the Love of Apples

Speaking of all things fall (although I admit I use this recipe year round!) I just had to share this amazing recipe from Sophie at My Happy Place…

It’s a single serve apple crisp made in the microwave…I know what you’re thinking…eewww that cannot be good….but I swear, with just a few ingredients, barely any effort and a tiny bit of time you’ll have a warm yummy piece of apple heaven. It’s like magic!! Click the photo above or link below to be one step closer to apple cinnamony goodness…my mouth is watering already!

Find the Recipe Here

Go ahead, click, I know you want to…

P.S. I did adjust how much apple I added to suit my tastes…it’s a very forgiving recipe so don’t be afraid to tweak it to your liking.