Well, I’m still struggling with my “patch” to fix my medicine until I can talk to my doctor. 

I’m not completely overwhelmed with depression at night, but having to take an extra pill is making almost impossible to stay awake…and when I am awake my brain doesn’t want to operate properly. 

I really want to write, I have so much inspiration. But right now I might be doing a lot more sharing than posting.

I have come across so many posts that are a reflection of my own thoughts. So, I hope the authors don’t mind if I share their voices instead of using my own right now.

Believe me, as soon, and whenever I can write…you’ll see it. 

So Many Ideas, No Brain to Put Them into Words

I have a stack of pending posts in my “draft” file. 

I keep getting ideas I don’t want to forget…so I jot a few things down and save the draft. But yesterday and today have been spent mostly sleeping and managing (or trying) pain.

I’ve been stalwartly pushing myself to at least post or share something every day. Well, this is the best I’ve got for today. 

There’s a part of me that is really looking forward to all those posts, my little idea eggs, I just need to find the right recipe hiding in my mind and crack those guys open to the world. 

Here’s to breaking some eggs soon! 

And wishing all of you some Victories, Peace and Hope ❤️

Poem “Untitled” 

“Have you ever loved someone so completely, that when they touched you; really touched you; with true intent and all their love, that you could feel your souls touching. Reaching toward each other carried on a tingling electric current of fingertips. 

Reaching deep inside your being and touching, stirring a place there that you had never known. Needing nothing more than love, intent and fingertips; hands on skin. 

The feeling of being complete, finally. That “something” you always knew was missing had been found. Knowing that nothing else could be exchanged for the beauty of that person, that soul that so gently sought yours. And found it. 

The person that would own that piece, that place forever. Even if they left, tearing out that place that held your mingled love. You would always know. That place would always be waiting. Waiting for that current carried on beautiful hands that awakens the heart…..and soul.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

 I think that lasting happiness depends on the bliss of ignorance. We know not just how sweet the flower until the fragrance is carried to us. 

Once there to never be unknown. Only the aching memory to hold you as the fragile petals wither and fade. Where the dream of the sent, stays forever unchanging and immortal.”

            • Written by Kahlan222 on 3/20/2013 ©

Medication Problems…The Sequel 

You know the sequel to almost every movie is worst than the first? 

Well I did get one big medication problem solved yesterday…

The issue I was having with another medication not working…well, fixing that was an epic fail…for the time being.

So I thought I’d share a poem I wrote awhile back about love lost…that’s up next.

Sharing – Peter Ranger’s Website

*To those of us laying in the dark…here is an opportunity to read about someone whose living the kind of life most of us only dream of. The world is so amazing. We have to remember that there are still places where the light shines.*

Peter faced mortality every day for a decade as a healthcare executive in the hospice care industry. He spent years examining the big data of death and optimizing the business of caring for the dyi…

Source: About the Author

Sharing – Seeds

*Go on over and read at least this post…it’s inspiring…a person who started out doing what a lot of us are doing…and is succeeding in a big way!

“One of my most favorite parts of being an actor is telling stories. Every show, every film – each is the baby of a writer who had something to say. Twelve Years a Slave. Woman in Gold. Forres…”

Source: Seeds

Sharing – What the Church & Christians Need to Know About Suicide & Mental Health | A Holy Experience

It could read “what everyone needs to know…”

…I know many of you may not be religious at all, share a different Faith or maybe have given up on God. I know this title alone may have you hesitating to click that link below….but I implore you…I ask you to give it a chance. Because when I read it, I cried. I was reading things I had felt for so long and never been able to put into words. Not only that, but it’s written to those without depression…so they can glimpse a truth that lives most often in the light as stigma.

So go ahead…click…you won’t regret it.


Migraines, Medication and Support  

It was amazing to me how many people read, liked and commented on my bit of free writing last night. Thank you all!

I’m still dealing with a fun migraine that is playing hide and appear (as I am totally not doing any seeking!)

I also have a feeling that the increase in my depression and anxiety may be caused by a change in the manufacturer of one of my medications. It wouldn’t be the first time a medicine has decreased in efficacy or stopped working. But I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so hopefully we can get this fixed! 

If my head holds up I have so much more to write and share. 

Talk soon. ❤️