My Hopes for this Blog

I’ve been writing poetry, journaling and free writing about my life for many years. 

I couldn’t say exactly when, but at some point I felt I wanted to share some of my stories. Being a procrastinator, that idea sat on the shelf next to my journals. 

Then recently I’ve been feeling a lot more strongly about starting a blog. Still I procrastinated, even while person after person; of their own volition; suggested that writing about my struggles would not only help me but could help other people who were thinking that they were completely alone and no one could understand what they were going through.

So, finally, here it is; and although I do think it will be cathartic for me, my greater hope is that my words, my life’s struggles, will reach even one person. So that they know they are not alone. Maybe even bring them a grain of hope or peace.

I’d like this to be an open discussion, if anyone has a question or wants to share something of their story, that they would feel safe to so.


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