How to Begin…

The organized part of my brain really wanted to write this as an autobiography of sorts.

But I think it makes more sense for me to write as inspiration comes. However I think I should at least give you a background of the medical conditions I’ve had and those I still struggle with.

When I was born I was allergic to almost every food imaginable. I also suffered from febrile seizures preceded by very high fevers. The seizures ended at about age three and I grew out of most of my food allergies. 

The rest of these I pretty much still live with…though really pretty much all of them are conditions that have no “test”, it’s a guess based on symptoms and elimination of other possibilities. I’m not even convinced they are all correct….but…such is life.

Food sensitivities (these were much worse earlier in life, tapering off in severity, but they do still impact me). I’ll talk sometime about the joy of trying to be normal when you never know for sure if the meal you’re eating will end with you in the bathroom for a length of time that is hard to explain to friends while you are out to dinner.

Clinical depression. Later expanded to treatment resistant depression with anxiety. 

I’ve had a few pretty bad panic attacks. I’ve always been very shy. Stress overwhelms me. 

Chronic migraines, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. 

I’ve always gotten sick easily, especially strep when I was younger…it’s more often tonsillitis now. My nerves seem to be on permanent high alert…meaning my body overreacts to everything from mosquito bites to the seams on the inside of socks.

Then of course there are the multitude of side effects of medications and the other “little” things that are to numerous to mention here. 

I’m sure I probably forgot some things…but they’ll come up along the way if they need to.


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