I am twenty two years old, and I do not have any friends.  I’m being just slightly dramatic of course, I do have FRIENDS. Friends that I’ve met through work over the past couple years, occasionally hanging out or catching up over the phone. But do we talk every day or every week? No. Do […]


2 thoughts on “Sharing – HOW DO I MAKE FRIENDS?

  1. Thank you so much sharing my post! I’ve just started reading your blog, but I love it so far! I know it’s not easy dealing with depression, and I am always here for you whenever. We can bring awareness and hope!


    • Same to you! There are way to many people out there who have no hope. Maybe we can start here and just spread the word. I’ve been dealing with on thing or another since birth. This is definitely a marathon not a sprint and support can make all the difference.

      P.S. I actually had some thoughts on this topic myself…so hopefully you’ll see a post soon.

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