Poem “Untitled” 

“Have you ever loved someone so completely, that when they touched you; really touched you; with true intent and all their love, that you could feel your souls touching. Reaching toward each other carried on a tingling electric current of fingertips. 

Reaching deep inside your being and touching, stirring a place there that you had never known. Needing nothing more than love, intent and fingertips; hands on skin. 

The feeling of being complete, finally. That “something” you always knew was missing had been found. Knowing that nothing else could be exchanged for the beauty of that person, that soul that so gently sought yours. And found it. 

The person that would own that piece, that place forever. Even if they left, tearing out that place that held your mingled love. You would always know. That place would always be waiting. Waiting for that current carried on beautiful hands that awakens the heart…..and soul.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

 I think that lasting happiness depends on the bliss of ignorance. We know not just how sweet the flower until the fragrance is carried to us. 

Once there to never be unknown. Only the aching memory to hold you as the fragile petals wither and fade. Where the dream of the sent, stays forever unchanging and immortal.”

            • Written by Kahlan222 on 3/20/2013 ©


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