Hello There June

Geez…where has the year gone? Oh right I spent it bed mostly. 

But this post was to celebrate a Victory…yes, capital “V”…because those of us in pain and depression have take any Victory we can.

So here’s to 50 likes and 15 followers of my humble blog!

And the Thanks goes out to all of you. Whenever I look at my phone and see an alert that one of you liked something I wrote or even better liked enough of my blog to want to make a place for it in your email box…it makes me a little happy and that means A LOT. 

Thank you!

P.S. I have written a few things and will be posting soon! I also want to dig out some of my old writings and catch up on reading everything you have written! I’m fighting through this stupid medication problem and everything else going on (more about that later)


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