Kicking You When You’re Down

Does this happen to all the normal people?

As you may know I live with my mom and my sister.For the past year my mom took on the responsibility of care-taking for my almost 90 year old Grandmother. Yes, she has siblings. No, they were done helping her and shipped her off from her home in Arizona of many years to the cold Midwest. Okay, background…check. 

So she fell (again) about two weeks ago and for the first time had some real damage…so off to the hospital and rehab until she can move to the assisted living facility we were finally able to set up for her…

Then you have my medication issues and the fact that all this running around is taking its toll on my Mom, who has her own medical conditions, but is the most caring and giving person one would ever have the Grace to meet…

After my night of somehow not being able to sleep (more on that later) she comes in to tell me that my one Uncle who lives by us (2hrs away in almost the middle of nowhere) had a serious accident involving his left (Thank God) hand and a chainsaw. *cringe*. 

So we are sitting there talking about and we both blurt out, almost at the same time….”Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else!!?” Then we exchange shrugs because this kind of thing seems to happen to us all the time. 

Which leaves me thinking so often, why us? I mean, I haven’t met anyone in the “normal” parts of my life who has gone through as much as my family has. My Mom alone (the amazing woman she is) has been through more difficulties in her life than any good person deserves.

Where is the respite, the break from all the madness?


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