Life is Pain

My life has been to pretty much try to keep the pain at bay for the last few days.

Still haven’t fixed my medication problem…I’ll be out and going through withdrawal by Thursday if I can’t get this solved. The irony is that it’s my anti-anxiety medication and the possibility of running out is making me anxious and this whole mess up with the medication is causing more anxiety than normal anyway. So it’s just a vicious circle.

It’s been so bad I’ve had to take medication at night and I don’t normally have to. So, I may be not around as much as we get closer to Thursday. Hopefully I’ll get this stupid thing sorted out (it’s really not even that difficult to fix – my Doctor is just being really weird about it) and have a very relieved post up very soon….Wish me luck….as I think I’ll be calling and pleading with the Doctor’s nurse who hates me tomorrow about this.

Talk soon! ❤️


5 thoughts on “Life is Pain

  1. Keep fighting! Don’t let the nurse run over you! You have to advocate for yourself and make them understand your needs! I get the pain thing. As a matter of fact I have a post I’m working on about pain meds and side effects etc. today was so bad I took my morning meds and then by 3 I took a lortab, which was merely left over from surgery only to turn around and take my 4 evening pills at 7. Still hurting. I wish you the best of luck in sorting this out! Stay strong fellow warrior!

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    • Thank you so much. I hate being at the mercy of prescription medication. With all Invisible Illnesses, as I’m sure you know, fighting the stigma that all people are addicted and abuse drugs is hard. Inside and out. Thank you for your support! I just pray this gets worked out. I’m terrified it won’t.


      • I totally understand. For whatever reason my body has a high tolerance for any kind of pain reliever or anesthesia. I once spent over a year in pain pills and muscle relaxers for what they thought was tmj. Turned out to be an abscess, but before they figured that out it was dose after dose and I looked like a seeker. You just have to keep pushing them. Make sure they know it’s your quality of life at stake, not theirs. Best of luck!

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