Sharing – Sensations go deep

*this post brings to light something I think a lot of us with chronic illnesses and depression don’t often realize….how long and how often we are never touched. How many times has a friend just given you a hug because you needed it, a loved one just held you, or someone held your hand….and how many of us, I know I do, end up flinching and feeling uncomfortable when it does rarely happen…I’ve read many a study that has proven that even holding a strangers hand for 45 seconds can improve many things in our bodies and minds. So I send out this post with a big hug to everyone who feels alone. Ask someone you love to hug you today. ❤️ *

“Would someone please cut off my hands and give me some peace! Please!! Sorry, I’m whining. It’s not like they are the most painful things I have ever had attached to my body, it’s…”

Source: Sensations go deep


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