Sharing – Ten Years of Self Injury Addiction Recovery

Beautiful and honest story of a Christian girl turned woman who battled with depression, anxiety, PTSD and cutting. ***Warning: does contain some explicit wording about cutting and what it feels like.

broken quiet

Today is a really big deal for me. Today marks 10 years since I last gave in to an addiction of self harm.

I don’t talk about this much. Honestly, I’m terrified to be public with this. I’m the seminary wife. I’m the soon-to-be pastor’s wife. I worry that people in the church will see me as a strange, twisted person – because what kind of person purposefully hurts herself?

However, I’m terrified not to talk about it. I am scared to death that somewhere out there, someone – maybe even a Christian like me – is struggling with self harm, someone who could be helped by my story. If I stay silent out of fear of judgment, then what did my experience teach me? What did it mean for me to go through that if it can’t be used for something bigger?

I’m sure there will be people who…

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