Sharing – Write Your Symptoms Down! By The Little Lemonade Stand

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This is a great post on being your best advocate and is filled with tips and thoughts on how to accomplish it.

When I first received my “Lupus” diagnosis I was terrified by the unknown, albeit tremendously relieved because I didn’t have to go on feeling like I was crazy and the pain I was experiencing was all in my head. MY REALITY: Don’t beat yourself up! Before I was officially diagnosed, I used to pray that the doctors would find something wrong with me. I DIDN’T WANT TO BE SICK , but I wanted an answer for why I felt sick. When you’re in constant bone crushing pain, suffering severe migraines, unrelenting fatigue, and scooping clumps of hair out of the shower every morning, you become desperate for answers. It took me quite some time to work through the guilt I was feeling. When I finally got a grasp on my emotions I was able to accept MY REALITY, and my reality […]

via Write Your Symptoms Down! — The Little Lemonade Stand


4 thoughts on “Sharing – Write Your Symptoms Down! By The Little Lemonade Stand

    • I get the same thing from my Doctor. After all these years, he’s basically like “I don’t know what to do with you.” Well, that’s helpful 🙄. Lately he has come to the conclusion that because I had depression diagnosed before anything else, that the majority of the problem is in my head and if I just stopped overthinking everything that I would be better.

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