My Art – Pet Portraits

I’ve been a huge crafter my whole life. My Mom is a bonafide Artist. She can do the whole, fine art painting thing, photography and other various crafts. She taught me a lot of them and my dad taught me how to knit (shocking I know!) My mom has been a graphic designer and illustrator for my whole life. I’ll probably share some of her stuff on here too, I’m a proud daughter! We even work together on projects and have since I was a teenager. 

But I was always the craft one…3D stuff. I couldn’t draw like my mom or my sister, who never really pursued it, but is super talented. I gave up on that along time ago. 

Until I got sick. I was encouraged to try again. So far I just draw useing photos and others graphite drawings. I can’t draw by eye completely. I use a light box to sketch the outline and basic shapes…then just go off of the piece I’m drawing. I always say it’s not “real” drawing…it’s mostly tracing and “copying” what I see. But I’m assured that this counts as real art 😉. 

I also enjoy doing pet portraits. This started with my co-workers (while I was still there for a short time) and my sister’s dog. 

The piece I share today was my first commission. It was a memorial piece for two dogs that had passed. I only have one photo of the dog (not the one I used for reference…I’ll have to get all that on my phone and update this post with the actual photos!) but here it is anyway! 

I hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for looking! 


6 thoughts on “My Art – Pet Portraits

  1. Realy nice hunny .you certainly have a talent and catch them perfectly ..
    I write poems ect and find that is a good way of relaxing and forcing my illness on to the back foot …take care ..

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