Poem – Try

She flipped the back cover of the book shut 

Only one word described it…Wow

The consequences were daunting 

She wondered, if she had faced that situation…. 

Would she be one of the three who remained?

The heroine in the book had started of as a pacifist 

And ended up fighting in a ferocious battle 

It made her feel so weak and helpless 

Without power 

She was so very weak 

Yet she wanted so very much to be strong and powerful 

The heroine of her book had battled evil and madness 

While she was here overwhelmed by indecision

There was not any hope for her

All she was able to do was be frustrated at her own helplessness 

The only way to know for sure was if she were faced with that situation 

For now, all she could do was try to be in control of her own life 

To battle (and kill) the indecision 

She would try 

Just Try 

     – Written By Kahlan222 

(I wish I had written down what book I was reading!!)


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