Poem – Ember

I gaze outwards upon the depths of winters chill. 

I see the wind blowing, the trembling trees and the snow, like tiny pearls, falling. 

But inside, inside is where lies the deepest cold of all. I find solitude like the winter wind, sweeping thru my Soul and making my heart tremble. 

The emptiness inside my soul can be worse than the coldest night of winter. 

I desperately seek out warmth in this frozen landscape of my soul. 

I know there is a fire burning somewhere inside me. I can feel it, like a faint glowing ember. 

I dream of that fire, all consuming. 

But I fear that the ember, tiny like the most precious of jewels, will be consumed by the bitter cold that is taking over my soul. 

I can feel my heart shivering as the deepest cold numbs the edges. 

Where is that warmth that I crave. 

So sweet, so warm, so far away. 

Does it exist only in my dreams or is this cold only my nightmare… 

     – Written by Kahlan222


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