Sharing – Not So Bad

This is so beautifully written and has an undercurrent of positivity and happiness found in this world of pain we live in.


Imagine something happened to you that’s ‘Not So Bad’. Its not hard to might have happened to you many times.. Perhaps someone broke up with you when luke warm feelings had you considering breaking up with them. You didn’t get the job that you couldn’t quite decide if you wanted. Not so bad.
Imagine something has happened to you that is ‘not so bad’.
You get sick..but blessedly it’s not cancer, suddenly you are in pain but its not Arthritis, you are losing control of your body but its not Parkinson’s..Not so bad. You discover that you don’t even have an’s a syndrome (whatever that means, some weighty text book some where, knows). This helps you to reassure those around you who are worried, it makes you say “it’s not so bad” and a few of those around you say “At least you’re not dying”. You learn to…

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