Sharing – Shame

This felt so much like I was reading about myself! The idea of “waiting until you feel better”…


So lets talk about it.

We have to live here in our bodies, all of us, we have to try and find peace within our minds. But sometimes and sometimes is often almost always, it is shame that ruins our peace. Shame, the word deserves to appear in Cap Locks ; SHAME, to truly represent the unmovable wall that it can be.

I am ashamed. I am ashamed of myself. And it the most awful kind of shame because I know it shouldn’t be happening, this is not its time, I’m 32 and the world wants me to live,love be living, I feel that. But I also feel shame. I feel shame of the heaviest kind, the weight of it pounds upon me like the heartbeat of a phantom twin. My shame twin has birthed upon my back and I am to carry it, everywhere, everywhere.

I am ashamed, I am…

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