A House Without Support 

They say that the Home represents our mind and body. I’ve heard it most often spoken of when dreaming of your Home, but also that our houses reflect the state of ones mind and body. 

I had this image of myself as a house and have wanted to write this post for along time. I just wasn’t sure I could portray what I saw and do it justice. 

Here we go…

Being trapped indoors, in my Home is something I’m sure those of you with invisible illnesses (or not so invisible illnesses) face quite often. The Home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place of peace and a place to feel safe and recharge. 

But being stuck in one place for so long; I pictured in my mind this house that represents me; I felt like the walls were closing in, so I took a sledgehammer and ripped down a wall. Desperately trying regain control and not feel so confined.

Then, as time passed and the anger of feeling like I no longer had control over my own life caused me to tear down another wall and another. 

One more came down after so many people kept telling me that if I just tried harder…

Yet another just because I told myself I didn’t need it…

Eventually the entire inside of the house was without walls of any kind, empty. Which was of course the way I felt. Torn out clean from the inside.

But those who tried to visit still saw the pretty manicured lawn, the painted shutters and window boxes with flowers.

I never let them in, so they couldn’t understand why I could never go out with them and why I always felt so badly. 

Because the outside of my Home was nice, pretty and intact.

It was then it struck me that soon, the house would fall in on itself. Collapse…for a house without any support will fail. 

The walls I had torn down were more important than I’d chosen to admit and although I’d managed to bring them down myself, there was no way for me build them back up again.

It would take help to remake the house that was broken. The loved ones and family who had only seen the outside were the ones whose help I desperately needed to save my Home from crumbling. 


4 thoughts on “A House Without Support 

  1. I really enjoyed this metaphor, especially since it’s the exact opposite of how we would normally explain it. Usually with an invisible illness, we talk about how many walls we put up to shut out the rest of the world, but the way you explained it makes perfect sense. All too often I find myself feeling confined, not only in my house but in my mind. Very well said, fellow warrior! 👍💕

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