Poem – A Bit of Freewriting

Right now I just feel as though my emotions are all in a gumball machine… And every thirty seconds or so someone puts a quarter in, turns the key and shoves one in my mouth. 

They are all different and I am getting them all at once. I can’t hold anymore in my mouth without choking on all the emotion. 

I don’t even know how I feel. Envious, Jealous, Happy, Sad, Confused, Lonely, Angry, Miserable, Hopeful. This is so confusing. It’s like time traveling back so many years ago to the darkest time in my life. 

Like the book I just read said- “You can’t stand in the light forever, you just have to take what you can with you when you go into the darkness.”

     – Written by Kahlan222 on 7/21/2009


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