Poem – Conversation 

Who are you?

I’m not sure. 

Are you? 

Yes. They all know much more than me. 

Why not listen and try to learn from them? 

I am helpless. 

No, you are not. 

But, I feel helpless. 


Because, I feel out of control and that I know so little. 

You know much. 

But not as much as them. 

That is not what is important. 

It is to me. 

Then learn. 

…….. .

Why not? 

I said nothing. 
It is what you meant. 




Why are you lacking? 

Because I am not all I can be. 

Then work to become all you can be. 

I am trying. 

Then still your worries and trust in Me. 
    – Written by Kahlan222

*For me this was a conversation I saw myself having with God. My struggles to have Faith when I feel so worthless.


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