A Brief Moment of Normal & Some Rambling

Although I am still messing around with my meds…I’m sure this will be going on for quite awhile. I did have about an hour where I felt “normal”. Not too much pain, not depressed and motivated! 

I made a batch of this to die for cookie dough. It’s eggless so you don’t bake it, you eat it as is. It’s supposed to be turned into truffles, but I don’t bother…I just eat a few spoonfuls at a time.

*Click the photo for the recipe*

It felt really amazing to be graced with just that moment. I’m just crossing all my fingers and toes, squeezing my eyes shut and praying that I’ll get another time like that. I’ve been a blob for so long I need to do some things to be a person again…#1 on that list…bath/shower!!! 

I have some kind of skin issue where my dead skin doesn’t seem to flake off the way it’s supposed to normally. It just hangs on. So I have to soak in hot water in a tub, doubly fun when you’re about 6′ tall and the tub is rock hard and totally uncomfortable, and manually exfoliate my entire body. 

Only then can I take a “normal” shower. So it’s basically like taking a bath and a shower every time. I’m sure all you spoonies out there can appreciate how daunting that would be. I dread it. It takes so much out of me. I have to rest between as many stages as possible and then collapse.

That’s all for now. I’m exhausted. But I have cookie dough. That’s worth something 🙂



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