Poem – The Darkness in the Light

He walked into the room, through the arched and guilded doorway into….. nothing.

It wasn’t dark, but there was no light either. He knew that this was his last stop.This was…it. 

A doorway he hadn’t noticed at the opposite end of the room started to open. He felt his heart quicken and knew, even before the creature stepped through, that he knew it, the creature he had faced so often in his dreams and his nightmares. 

The Creature that stepped through the door and into the room existed wthout definition and had no shape. It just…was. 

His heart was beating so fast he was sure the Creature could hear it as it echoed through the wicked silence.

He whirled and scanned the room for any way to escape…none. No sign of any door, not even the one through which he had entered. 

He uttered a quiet prayer and stepped toward it,

His Destiny, 

His Self. 

He felt overcome with cold. A cold so numbing it became part of him. It froze his skin and crawled inside him, until it clawed its way to his heart. 

Then inexplicably, it changed, it became warm and that warmth spread over him like fire. 

It told him he had made the right choice. 

He was Free.   

   ~ Written by Kahlan222


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