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Poem – The Window of Life

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes?

What did you see?

I sit and stare fixedly out a window, an ordinary, unremarkable window and I see people moving boxes. Carrying these boxes full of “stuff”, out onto the curb.

As stare at this sight, the view through the window changes…instead of just the unmarked brown boxes I see them taking out the things I cherished as a child, stuffed animals I cuddled with in bed at night, books I had read and loved, toys that had been played with on the floor of my room.

As stare out this window, now full of all my memories, the people carring boxes fade and I see directly back into my childhood. As if watching a movie of my past.

I stand looking…frozen and I feel a tear roll down my cheek. But, when I lick my lips I don’t taste the salty tear I had felt. My hands reach for my face and I can feel no wetness.

It was then I realized, looking out at my life, that I have forgotten how to cry. My tears left with all those “things” being taken out to the curb.

I stand and look, unable to move or tear my eyes away from the scenes before me.

Then a darkness falls across my view and as the image before me returns so do the people carrying their boxes, my boxes.

I’m finally able to turn away. Unable now to keep my eyes on the scene below. Now, with the window gone from view I think, “The past is the past”. But deep inside my heart the window to my memories remains open.

There, my tears fall freely. There, I have not forgotten how to cry.

But outside, in the world, the past is the past and the window is closed.

For now.

– Written by Kahlan222 (around 8th grade)

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I Have No Idea aka I’ve Hit The Wall

So, what do you do when you’ve hit the wall…again?

It feels like a never ending cycle…hope, disappointment, frustration, giving up…repeat.

I’m at the giving up stage…I feel like I literally hit the wall. I’m getting threats from my doctor about my pain medication…that I have to cut back, whatever the cost. Yes, I have real pain…but apparently pain management isn’t a priority. In fact it’s to the point where quality of life doesn’t seem to be on the list either.

Between the increase in fatigue and depression and the debilitating migraines that just started back up I’m basically a ball of goo. If I’m not sleeping I’m trying not to move and to whatever I can to manage the migraines and if I’m not doing that I don’t really care enough to do anything else.

Oh and then there’s the weight gain…add the above together and you get a body with no ability to metabolize that’s also puffed up from medication side effects. My hair is so thin it could blow away in the wind. I’m really not vain and I’m not trying to sound prideful…but I was dam pretty. Tall, a decent weight, nice hair. I thought about being a model when I was younger.

Now, I hate my body. Every part…and I’m gaining weight with such speed that nothing I own fits. I buy bigger clothes and then even bigger ones. I’m not looking to be some stick thin picture of perfection…I never even wear makeup except for special occasions…but I miss being able to look in the mirror and be okay with what I saw.

I have no idea how to make my doctor happy and somehow find a way to be even a quarter of a person.

The way life is now is no life. I’m miserable and in pain in every way you can imagine. I know the increase in depression side effect is driving a lot of this but that doesn’t even make a difference because I am feeling it. I don’t want life is this is what it is.

This post of course contains topics I had meant for later posts…ah well…we’ll flow with the winds.

I’m Done.

Medications: Side Effects Vs Benefits 

There is such a delicate balance for those of us with Chronic Illnesses. Pretty much every medication out there has negative side effects. 

We are in a constant dance of benefit verses potential and realized side effects. 

The main reason I’ve been so absent from my blog is because of this stupid dance.

As most of you are probably aware there is a major battle going on to reduce or even eliminate the use of opioid medications. 

My Doctor chose an opiate to treat my pain very early on in my treatment. I am not big on taking pills (in a previous post I talked about how hard it was for me to even start taking my antidepressant when I was a teen), I’ve never been drunk, never tried pot or smoked cigarettes…yes, you heard that right…and it wasn’t just religion that kept me away…I just was never interested, it never appealed to me. However, I was in a lot of pain and I trust my doctor…

Fast forward to today and all opiates are the enemy. I’ve never abused my medication. I don’t feel “high” while on it. Yet, it’s now the enemy.

So my doc prescribed a new drug that helps with nerve pain in the hopes it would help me back off the pain meds…well it helps! Yay, right?

We all know it can never be that simple. The biggest problem side effects I’m experiencing are extreme fatigue (which I had to begin with) and depression (which I also have all on my own). 

It’s to the point where I spend the majority of my time sleeping. My doc doesn’t really seem to care about the side effects since I have been able to cut back on my other pain meds. 

So apparently it doesn’t matter what else I go through as long as I’m cutting back on the pain meds. 

I’m a blob without any life or desire to live one because of the side effects…but hey my doctor is counting it as progress!

One thing I want to mention…I want to be off the pain meds…if I could be on this new med without the side effects I would be thrilled! Hell, I want off all the medications I’m on. I hate it. But, I realize that for now, I need them to retain as much function as possible. I just wish quality of life was more important to the medical community than rules and statistics. 

On a side note…I’m finding it really aggravating to type long posts on my phone. (Which is all I have been using so far). My laptop got a nasty virus awhile ago and I need to clear that sucker off so I can use it again.

So, to sum it up, I’m making the laptop a priority…but things may be sporadic until I can, hopefully,  find a way to overcome these side effects so I’m able to have some kind of life. 

Love and Spoons to all of you!


Poem – Shine

The sun was shinning, today but I couldn’t feel its rays 

It rained yesterday, but I didn’t get wet 

It should snow tomorrow, but I won’t be cold 

My heart was broken today and all I feel is the Pain 

Sun, please shine down on me like light from heaven, light my way 

Rain, pour down on me like baptismal water, cleanse me 

Snow, fall down on me like the tears of Angels, Sweet Angels cry for me 

Please heal my heart that I can feel once again 

The Sun was shinning today and I pray it will again tomorrow 

    – Written by Kahlan222