Poem – Revelation 

A man sat in church. 

He had been a faithful church goer for many years. 

Except of those few important meetings…but well, that wasn’t very often. 

He sat in his usual seat. Listening to the pastor’s sermon. Thinking about his business meeting tomorrow. 

Oh, this wasn’t unusual… 

He knew that in order to call himself a religious man, he just had to be in this seat for an hour once each week. 

So, he thought about his presentation…then, suddenly, he started to actually Hear the pastor talking. 

He was saying “God loves you.”

“Yeah, I know.” thought the man. 

“He wants to be a part of your life.” the pastor said. 

“I don’t have any more time for Him.” thought the man. 

“We will now have an altar call for those of you who would like to spend more time with God.”

The man felt his feet move. 

He was walking to the front of the church. 

A person came up to him.

Swathed in Light and laid hands on the man. 

The man felt an overwhelming sense of Love.

He felt like he had come Home. 

His eyes slid closed.

When they opened he saw people surrounding him. They were praying over him as he lay on the floor. 

And he knew then that he had all the time in the world for someone who Loved him that much. 

   – Written by Kahlan222 


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