Poem – The Window of Life

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes?

What did you see?

I sit and stare fixedly out a window, an ordinary, unremarkable window and I see people moving boxes. Carrying these boxes full of “stuff”, out onto the curb.

As stare at this sight, the view through the window changes…instead of just the unmarked brown boxes I see them taking out the things I cherished as a child, stuffed animals I cuddled with in bed at night, books I had read and loved, toys that had been played with on the floor of my room.

As stare out this window, now full of all my memories, the people carring boxes fade and I see directly back into my childhood. As if watching a movie of my past.

I stand looking…frozen and I feel a tear roll down my cheek. But, when I lick my lips I don’t taste the salty tear I had felt. My hands reach for my face and I can feel no wetness.

It was then I realized, looking out at my life, that I have forgotten how to cry. My tears left with all those “things” being taken out to the curb.

I stand and look, unable to move or tear my eyes away from the scenes before me.

Then a darkness falls across my view and as the image before me returns so do the people carrying their boxes, my boxes.

I’m finally able to turn away. Unable now to keep my eyes on the scene below. Now, with the window gone from view I think, “The past is the past”. But deep inside my heart the window to my memories remains open.

There, my tears fall freely. There, I have not forgotten how to cry.

But outside, in the world, the past is the past and the window is closed.

For now.

– Written by Kahlan222 (around 8th grade)


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