Sharing – We Don’t Have A Opioid Epidemic – We Have A Chronic Pain & Illness Epidemic – HELP US don’t HURT US! 

* I really love this post. This is such a difficult topic and is really on the minds of a lot of the world right now. It’s a great post and real look at opiates and chronic pain. Below is a small excerpt with a link at the bottom to the full article.

We Don’t Have A Opioid Epidemic – We Have A Chronic Pain & Illness Epidemic – HELP US don’t HURT US!

PUBLISHED ON September 25, 2016

I’ve been rewriting this blog over and over again, and to be blunt there is no other way to write it, but to get straight to the point – so here I go.
Living with intense and constant chronic pain and illnesses are challenging, to say the least but it’s a way of life every day for myself and millions of people all around the world. Being ill in this way is living with the unknown. Every day is different, and it’s really hard to plan when you have no idea how you will feel when you wake up or actually not knowing whether you will feel ok to live the life that you dream about and love and so it is so very hard not to feel anxious, depressed or even completely lost living with one huge question mark hanging over your life’s existence.There are a million and more constant questions and often no answers. 
So to be clear nobody really knows how to deal with chronic pain and illness, and that includes us as the people who have them, the loved ones that surround us and even the doctors trying to treat us. There is no guidebook for chronically lifelong illnesses and no way to answer all the questions that I have previously mentioned before, because every journey is so personal and there are so many illnesses categorised and labeled this way. So you see, when you have these types of illnesses your body is literally fighting against itself. The physical side of it is all throughout your body – you are living in daily pain, fatigue, with aches, food intolerances, medications along with hospital trips, surgeries, treatments, etc. It is, at times, too much to bear leaving us physically, mentally and emotionally devastated. 

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12 thoughts on “Sharing – We Don’t Have A Opioid Epidemic – We Have A Chronic Pain & Illness Epidemic – HELP US don’t HURT US! 

  1. Thank you so much for the share on this blog.
    It frustrates me so very much when we see information freely discussed about the apparent ‘opioid epidemic’ but it’s never actually looked into why are these medications being used. If more was actually done for us the goddesses & warriors walking tangled journeys with chronic illnesses then perhaps we may get the assistance we need.

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    • You’re so welcome! Our side of the story is never mentioned or thought about! For some of us these medications make it possible for us to live…and not because we WANT to take them but because the alternative is a nightmare. I read a story once of a man who suffered for years with terrible pain, he found a doctor that prescribed methadone and he said it changed his life…he felt normal. But how many people out there would judge him…thank you for writing that post! ❤️

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