Still Here – Still Fighting

Hello all you wonderful loyal followers!

I know I’ve been missing for a very long time. I’ve found myself in darkness for a while now. I’ve wanted to post so many times, but every time I started a post I just stares at that blinking line…daring me to write something….and my mind would go blank. 

I knew I didn’t want to write post after post of the same thing over and over…so…I just didn’t post anything.

I do have some posts planned that I think I should be able to write no problem. You can also look for more art and poetry. 

But, I am here and this blog has helped me in ways I’m not willing to give up on. So I’m staying here. I can’t say for certain when you’ll see my next post. But I plan on making it as soon as possible.

~ Kahlan


5 thoughts on “Still Here – Still Fighting

  1. Silence is not absence….
    In quietness you may find •strength• and your •Voice • once again…
    Your previous posts leave a fragrance of your presence…
    We know you are there…
    We share your Silence…
    We share your struggle
    to reach out.
    You are never alone
    in your Quiet place!

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