Bad Luck Life

There have been some dark times lately…Okay, some very dark times lately. 

I keep thinking, why does it seem like there are people who nothing goes right or easy for? Things never arrive on time for us. They never come when we need them. Our cars get a flat tire while we are lost and have no idea how to get home. Our packages get run over by a car and come to us with stuff missing and all jacked up. 

When our rides didn’t come as kids we’d have to walk home., the rain. Our family members end up in the hospital more than anyone else. We end up in the hospital more than anyone else. We’re the ones that get the cold only one other person in the office has and it turns into strep. We get the illnesses that no one else can see…the ones that create stigma to overcome not just pain.

It’s like “bad luck” got tattooed on our foreheads when were born.

Sorry for the depressing post. But, I’m trying to actually post things…especially when I write them somewhere else and think to myself “this would make a good blog post”. 

Thank you everyone for all the love and support. It means the world to me. 



3 thoughts on “Bad Luck Life

  1. Thank you for posting this. I laughed out loud at the cemetery quote because it resonated so soundly with me. My entire life – from birth to present has been one train wreck after another. Some wrecks were caused by me, others I had no control over. One of my best friends whom I’ve known for 20 years commented recently – “So yeah, like, what’s up with your life?” – with a seriously puzzled demeanor. I said “I know, right? I have no idea.”

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    • It’s so good to hear that my post resonated with you! I’ve definitely had that same conversation with friends, family and medical professionals…my whole life has been this way. Not to say there were no good moments…but most of the time…well, you read the post…lol. Thank you for taking time to share. It means a lot to me and helps me keep going. ❤


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